CHC Closure Deadlines

There have been a previous deadlines for reclaiming NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (in England) in respect of un-assessed cases, set by the Department of Health.


The first period was 1st October 2007 to 31st March 2012. The deadline for making a claim was 30th September 2012.

The second period was 1st April 2011 to 31 March 2012. The deadline for making a claim was 31st March 2013. 


It was expected that the Department of Health were going to announce a new deadline at some point before the end of 2017.
Since this date has now passed, there hasn’t been any official notice of a new CHC closure deadlines. 
(We will update this page once these deadlines are known)


Read the letter from the Chief Executive of the Department of Health


The revised National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care October 2018 (Revised) has now been published (Published March 2018).

It came into effect on 1st October 2018 and contains an additional 27 pages more than the 2012 version!

View the document here;
National Framework for Continuing Healthcare 2018

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