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When considering Continuing Healthcare Funding, at Care Home Funding Advocates we can offer something different…


Continuing Healthcare Funding is NOT a legal process and therefore Solicitors or legal representation is not required.
In our experience, many professionals working for the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) often become defensive when Solicitors are involved. 
As such we consider discussions advance much smoothly when had Clinician to Clinician.
It’s also our experience that some Solicitors will take onboard every case they can, with the view that some will have a positive outcome and so cancel out the work of the ones which don’t. We consider this to be unfair on individuals and their families.
We will only support cases where we truly believe that the individual is (or was) eligible for Continuing Healthcare Funding.
We believe this is why we have a 100% success* track record.

Interestingly, a number of the ‘better standing’ Solicitors actually use our services (in the background) to support their (your) case.


We have a team of advocates, all who are registered nurses and who have a wealth of Continuing Healthcare Funding experience, many of whom have worked within a number of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).
We also have in house experience of Managing Care Homes.


Through our previous work we have established good relationships with many CCGs all over the country.
They know that we are a dedicated and specialised organisation who only bring cases to them where it is truly felt that the wrong decision has been made.


Care Home Funding Advocates is not involved any other types of work and as such you can be confident of a very focused team of professionals. 

 correct at December 2020

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