New (revised) National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare

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The revised National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care October 2018 (Revised) has now been published (Published March 2018).

It comes into effect on 1st October 2018 and contains an additional 27 pages more than the 2012 version.

View the document here;
National Framework for Continuing Healthcare 2018

The 2018 National Framework is intended to:

1) provide greater clarity to individuals and staff, through a new structure and style

2) reflect legislative changes since the 2012 National Framework was published, primarily to reflect the implementation of the Care Act 2014,

3) clarify a number of policy areas, including:
a) Setting out that the majority of NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments should take place outside of acute hospital settings. This will support accurate assessments of need and reduce unnecessary stays in hospital.
b) Providing additional advice for staff on when individuals do and do not need to be screened for NHS Continuing Healthcare in order to reduce unnecessary assessment processes and respond to a call for greater clarity on this.
c) Clarifying that the main purpose of three and 12 month reviews is to review the appropriateness of the care package, rather than reassess eligibility. This should reduce unnecessary re-assessments.
d) Introducing new principles for CCGs regarding the local resolution process for situations where individuals request a review of an eligibility decision. The aim is to resolve such situations earlier and more consistently.
e) Providing clearer guidance, including dedicated sections, on: the roles of CCGs and local authorities, NHS-funded Nursing Care, inter-agency disputes, well-managed needs, and the Fast Track Pathway Tool.

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