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At Care Home Funding Advocates we are different.

What can we offer that is different?
Continuing Healthcare Funding and the National Framework is a complex arena.


We offer a unique service designed and tailored to support the individual as such we can support you to support your client by:


Offering our specialist knowledge of the process which enables us to support individuals and family through the process.


Provide a dedicated professional advocate who will support your client throughout the process, we make sure that your client receives a personal approach.


An easy to understand, plain english explanation of the process and what makes a person eligible.


Offer a professional support service.


Produce evidence based competitively priced reports.
One type of report often requested is a ‘Viability Report’, where we give an opinion on the likelihood of eligibility being robustly evidenced.


Provide a comprehensive report based on clinical evidence which can then be sent to the CCG.


We can assist your client with:


  • Initial Assessments
  • Support locating a Care Home
  • Review Assessment
  • Disputes of assessment outcomes 
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