‘We must go further to end unacceptable standards of care, Cameron says’

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Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director General at Age UK, said:

“The PM is right to say we must go further to end poor care. All too often health authorities fail to prioritise the dignity of a patient. This at a time that is often very emotionally difficult anyway can cause extraordinary distress to both the patient and their family.

“Providing excellent, compassionate, dignified care must be at the very core of our NHS, the bedrock on which everything rests. All training, commissioning, provision and day to day decisions around an individual’s care should always come back to providing patients with same standard of care that we would want to see given to our loved ones. But we cannot tackle this problem with window dressing and tick box exercises, we need to work hard at every level to get to the heart of these issues and drive real changes. This means sustained action to bring about a fundamental change of culture within the NHS so that at an institutional, team and individual level staff are equipped and empowered to deliver the very best care to older people.”

“Age UK co-chairs the Dignity in Care Commission which works to tackle the underlying causes of poor care and ensure every older person is treated with care and compassion.”

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