Care Home Funding Advocates offers a perfect fusion of professional excellence with compassion and care.

Continuing Healthcare Funding and the National Framework is a complex arena!


You may be reading this because you, a member of your family or somebody you know has recently been turned down for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding and you are seeking independent advice and support.

It may be the case that an assessment is due to be carried out and you don’t feel confident that you are appropriately equipped to support the meeting on behalf of your loved one.


Don’t wait to be turned down – ensure the right decision is reached the first time around and avoid a long and drawn out dispute process!


In our experience, it’s far better the achieve a positive outcome in the first instance as opposed to having to dispute or appeal a previous decision.


We have been extremely successful in making sure that assessments are carried out as outlined in the National Framework requires them to be.
Having a Clinical professional at your side during the assessment process is critical to ensure the right decision is reached.


In fact at the time of this webpage update (July 2017), we are still able to report that we hold a 100% success rate with our cases!


We have reached a positive outcome for each and every case we have supported.

It’s a brave claim, but it’s true!


Why is Care Home Funding Advocates is the organisation to support you?

  • We offer a unique service designed to support the individual and or the family
  • We have specialist knowledge of the process and as such we are best placed to support you
  • We offer a dedicated professional advocate who will support you throughout the process, you will never be just another case number.
  • All are advocates are registered nurses and highly experienced in Continuing Healthcare
  • An easy to understand, plain English explanation of the process and what makes a person eligible.
  • An individual service tailored to your specific case.

Care Home Funding Advocates

Will support or guide you through the process when the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) carries out Continuing Healthcare Assessments.

We ensure that you receive the very best level of service by focusing on care needs whilst offering as much or as little support.

We advocate the individual’s rights, offering support to exercise those rights.

We work in partnership with our clients and their families.

We can support individuals irrespective of what the stage of the assessment process they are at and in many cases continue offering support at subsequent reviews.

Your dedicated Advocate will support you, the individual or family with:

  • Initial Assessments (Checklists)
  • Review of recent or historic assessments
  • Disputes of assessment outcomes 
  • Support at the Local Resolution Meeting (Appeals meeting)

We have a team of advocates (clinicians) who can:

  • Review recent assessments and offer their opinion as to the CCG’s recommendation
  • Assess individuals at home or in the residential / nursing home to form an opinion their current needs
  • If appropriate prepare a report to challenge the CCG’s decision

Specialist knowledge

  • Our clinicians were previously employed CHC CCG Departments
  • Some of our clinicians currently Chair Panel for some CHC Departments

Our advocates are fully conversed in the National Framework for Continuing Healthcare and have a wealth of experience in this specific area and all of whom are registered nurses.


Through our tried and tested process our Advocate builds up a true and accurate picture, based on clinical evidence and third party records. Using a methodical approach, we take into account all the relevant information and ensure the National Framework is correctly applied during assessments, resulting in the most appropriate outcome.


To find out what other services we can offer please visit our services page


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